This is our 7-day trip to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Siem Reap Cambodia, Phuket and Bangkok Thailand.

I guess, you’ve already read so many articles about this itinerary. But this trip will still give you tips that you haven’t read from any other blogs.

Yes, we managed to congest all these 4 countries in 7 days because we only visited some of the key destinations included in our bucket list.



Backpacking starts now!

The Preparation

The backpacking was planned for almost a year by reading some blogs and asking some friends on how we could possibly transfer from one country to another. It was my first time to travel out of the country and I must admit that since we only had seven days to go around, I had the fear it won’t go as planned.

We were worried we might miss our flights or flights might get delayed which would ruin the whole itinerary. But we were blessed since all of our flights were on time and we didn’t have any problems transferring from one destination to another.

In this post, I will share to you our budget, itineraries, and guides per country which you can use on your next trip, too. However, I have also written separate articles per country for a more detailed itinerary.


Are you ready?

First things first: Booking cheap airfare is one of the major factors in achieving a budget travel. Our flights were booked months before the trip. I downloaded airline apps like Cebu Pac, Air Asia, and PAL so I can receive notifications on their recent promos.

Our flight per person to Singapore was booked last November 2016 which costs P1999, Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap was booked last December 2016 and costs P1012, Siem Reap to Phuket costs P2000 while Bangkok to Manila costs P2500.

Bus transfers were also booked two weeks before the trip thru the RedBus.SG (565 in peso) and (700 +)  It’s also an advantage that we were in a group since we were able to divide our cab rides into four persons.

Fast forward to June 7, we left Manila at 5:00 AM and reached Changi Aiport at 9:00 AM.  We pretty much saw most of Singapore in one day. We went sightseeing in their famous tourist spots like Sentosa, Little India, China Town, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands and bought pasalubongs at Mustafa Centre.

Not so much into amusement parks, we didn’t bother purchasing tickets for USS but since we are already in Sentosa, the group decided to still visit the Waterfront Station and take pictures in front of the Universal Studios.  For a more detailed  itinerary of our Singapore trip, read this – Finally off my Bucketlist: One Day Budget Travel in Singapore.


Front of the Universal Studios at the Waterfront Station, Sentosa


There are so many other places in Singapore which we did not visit on this 1-day trip like the Nigh Safari, Boat Quay, Orchard Road, and the National Museum. We also missed the Singapore Flyer which I heard is a great experience, too.

Although, honestly, we have no interest in those places we missed but if you guys want to experience what Singapore has to offer, you have to at least stay for 3 days.

Bus trips from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa is available every day. We booked through RedBus.SG online weeks before our trip and presented our online reservation at the ticket center of Seasons Express Company located at Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore.

We left Singapore at 11:30 PM and arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 5:30 AM.


The beautiful Marina Bay Sands 


We were dropped-off at Berjaya Times Square and stayed at SCC Hotel. In the morning, we went to Batu Caves and Petronas Towers then rested for a while in the hotel. In the afternoon, we visited the Merkeda Square, Chinatown, and the Bukit Bintang to buy pasalubongs.

We spent the night in Kuala Lumpur and the next day, we flew to Siem Reap. For a more detailed  itinerary of our Kuala Lumpur trip, read this – Our trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in One Day.

Batu Caves is LOVE

In Siem Reap, we spent the whole day touring the Angkor Wat Temple and went to the night market for dinner and pasalubongs. We spent the night at Tan Kimlong Guesthouse who also arranged the tuktuk for us. For a more detailed itinerary of our Siem Reap trip, read this – One Day Siem Reap Cambodia Itinerary.

Photo taken by our tour guide, Sokkeun, at the Angkor Wat temple


Angkor Wat is finally off my bucketlist!


The next day, it’s out trip to Phuket Thailand. We stayed in Phunara Residence near Patong Beach. The first day was spent going around Patong with a motorbike, enjoying the beach, watching the sunset, and visiting the Bangla Road. The next day we visited the famous Maya Bay Island, Phi Phi Island, and Khai Island.

After the island hopping experience, we took a 12-hour bus ride which was absolutely an amazing experience as the VIP bus was really comfortable. We enjoyed free snacks, dinner, blanket and Wi-Fi!

We reached Bangkok at 6 AM and we stayed in Green House Bangkok located in Khao San Road. In Bangkok, we visited the floating market and spent the night buying souvenirs along Pratanum. For a more detailed  itinerary of our Phuket and Bangkok trip, read this – Our One Day in Bangkok Thailand.



Enjoying the sunset and fresh air at Patong Beach


That mandatory photo op at the Maya Bay Island, Phuket Thailand #TheBeachMovie

No. Don’t let me go, Babe! LOL. #Clingy


Going to Pileh Lagoon!



The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market on weekdays



Damnoen Saduak temple



Tuktuks in Bangkok


The next day, we flew back to Manila.

Day 1 – Singapore

Little India

Sentosa (Waterfront Station)


Marina Bay Sands

Merlion Park

Mustafa Center


Expenses = Php 1,692



Day 2 – Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves

Petronas Towers

Merdeka Square

China Town

Bukit Bintang


Expenses = Php 1710



Day 3 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Temple


Angkor Thom

Ba Phuon

Phnom Bakeng or Bakheng Hill

Angkor Wat Night Market


Expenses = Php 4085.48



Day 4 – Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach, Phuket

Bangla Road, Phuket


Day 5 – Phuket, Thailand

Maya Bay Islands

Phi Phi Islands

Khai Island

Monkey Beach

Pileh Lagoon


Expenses: Php 4,241


Day 6 – Bangkok Island

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Temple

Coco Sugar Farm


Khao San Road


Expenses = Php 1744.185


Day 7 – Bangkok to Manila

Going Home


Other Expenses (Flight & Souvenirs):


MNL- Singapore : Php 1,999

Kuala Lumpur – Siem Reap : Php 2,000

Siem Reap – Phuket : Php 1,012

Bangkok – Manila : Php 2,400

Pasalubong : Php 3,000

Phil Travel Tax : 1620


Total Expenses : Php 25, 184


To a more detailed  itinerary per country, check the links below: