It was wonderful to be part of the first anniversary celebration of Chavez Estate on December 8, 2018. They even gave free hot chocolate drinks to their customers on that day.

Kuya, you’re the cutest photobomber!

You should try their hot chocolate drink. I had a cup of hot choco but I coudn’t get enough of it so I ordered again and tried the iced version. SATISFIED!

Ugh! Trust me. I’m betting my whole career that this one is a must try!

Iced Choco, MInt Lemonade and Lemon cucumber satisfying your thirst.

Among all the food that we tried, I fell in love with their Fillo Crusted Salmon. It’s heavenly! And oh their Chocolate-Infused Pork Belly Dinuguan was a revelation. It’s a must try here in Chavez.

Fillo Crusted Salmon, my fave!

Their chocolate-infused Pork Belly Dinuguan is pasaberg!

This is definitely my new favorite restaurant in Silang. Their products are served fresh from farm to table. The place is also Instagram-worthy so you can definitely bring your friends and family to experience good and instagrammable food. Heir servings are big. Food prices range from 175 to 600 but can accommodate 3 to 4 persons.

Impressive presentation too.

The place is also highly recommended for lovers as they have a tree house which looked so romantic especially at night. The restaurants country-style interior is picture-perfect for your OOTD shots.

Their ambiance is very romantic too.

For couples, I suggest you to stay here at the tree house for a more romantic ambiance.

Happy and Busy showing some extreme excitement.

For pasalubong, they sell chocolate bar which can make 4 cups of hot ir iced chocolate. They alsso sell table bagoong, chocolate elixir, and chocolate vinaigrette.

You can also buy pasalubongs for your loved ones. I already tried their elixir and it’s really good.

Chavez Estate is located at Bypass Road, Silang, Cavite and they are open from 7:00AM to 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)