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DIY 6th Anniversary Celebration in Coron – 3 Days and 2 Nights

Since it’s our 6th Anniversary celebration, we decided not to restrain ourselves from spending into a private boat, or some delicious food, etc. This is so far, for me, our best anniversary celebration yet. It is an understatement to say that we had the greatEST time here in Coron because if there’s a superlative word than  greatest or best, then that’s what I mean. It’s true when people say that the time you spent here will feel like seconds. It’s like there will never be enough time and I wanted to say longer. Forever. Yes. Seriously. We didn’t have to worry about anything except not misplacing our goggles and fins and getting good photos, of course. I will never get over this trip and I will keep coming back to Coron, for sure. But here, let me tell you briefly about some of the details of our trip.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at Seadive Resort Palawan, a hotel just beside the port and offers scuba diving sessions. Their fan rooms range from P600-P700 while their aircon rooms range from P1300-P1600. For faster booking, check out www.expedia.com. Almost everything is good about this hotel, the view, the food, service except that you can hear the noise from outside. All in all, still, it was a good experience considering also its a budget stay.

Our room which has a sea view
The scenery from the deck
Seadive Resort Bar and Restaurant
Who needs a first class hotel ahen gou have this view?
Relaxing ATM

Where we toured:

For a private boat rentals, you can freely contact Kuya Jolan of Jimver Tours Coron. The boat rental is 2,700 which includes free goggles and life vest. There’s no food yet and entrance fees to the islands are excluded. But here’s the list of Islands that we’ve visited and their entrance fees.

Entrance Fees are as follows:
Kayangan Lake-300
Banul Beach-150
Twin Lagoons-200
Barracuda Lake-200
Skeleton Wreck-150

For Maquinit Spring, the entrance fee is 200.

Before we proceed to the island tour, Kuya Monching, our tour guide, assisted me in buying food at the market. Our food was cooked and prepared in the bangka too. Of all the destinations, the Skeleton Wreck was, for me, the most special. After six attempts, I made it close and face to face with the shipwreck. I wish I had free diving lessons before coming to Coron then diving would have been so much fun. I think every lake or island is incomparable to the other because each exude it’s own beauty, calmness and a little bit of mystery. Below are some of the photos we’ve taken. Every photo will definitely speak for itself.

Off to Kayangan Lake in style
What a scenery! #Kayanganlake
Preparing for a good swim #KayanganLake
So blessed with the wonderfuld weather here in Coron #KayanganLake
Practive dive at Barracuda Lake
I just want to stay in this paradise forever.
Coconut overpowering me as a subject.
Smooching here in Twin Lagoon. #Twinlagoon
HHWW at Banul Beach
6th anniversary goal celebration achieved
Banul Beach

For queries regarding the private boat rental, please contact Kuya Jolan of Jimver Tours Coron ‭+63 909 223 2761‬ or message us at gora@goradexplorer.com. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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