We pretty much saw most of Singapore in one day. We went sightseeing in their famous tourist spots like Sentosa, Little India, China Town, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, and bought pasalubongs at Mustafa Centre.

Touchdown, Changi Airport!

Not so much into amusement parks, we didn’t bother purchasing tickets for USS but since we were already in Sentosa, the group decided to still visit the Waterfront Station and take pictures in front of the Universal Studios.

Attractions like the Night Safari, Boat Quay, Orchard Road, and the National Museum were not included in our itinerary so if you guys want to experience all Singapore has to offer, you have to at least stay for 2 to 3 days.

On June 8, we reached Singapore at around 9 AM and the first thing we did was to get a map. It makes getting around Singapore much more convenient, trust me.

You will see all these leaflets and maps at some display stands in the Immigration.


The Map of Singapore with some Singaporean dollars


Getting an Epass will save you some dollars

Commuting is the best way to save money in Singapore and that’s only possible if you buy a Singapore Epass. The Singapore Epass can be used in both trains and buses.

In our case,we bought a one-day pass which is worth SGD10 since we only spent a day, but you have to pay another SGD10 deposit which can be refunded once returned within 10 days.

We also bought an international sim card worth SGD30 which we used, through its 15 GB data connection, to contact our hotels or book Grab. We were also able to use the sim card in Malaysia and Thailand.

The Ticketing Office located at Changi Airport. Just look for the signs on how to get there.


The Singapore Tourist Pass for one day

First, we decided to meet our friends who already spent the night at 60s Hostel located along Serangoon Road. From the airport, we opted to take the subway going to Kallang. From there, we took a bus with a Serangoon Road sign thinking it will be faster but the route was different from what we expected and actually took us another 15 minutes to reach the hostel compared to the 5 minutes of walking. This one’s our fault because we overlooked the bus guides at the bus stop. So to know the exact bus route, service guides are available at every bus stop.



Our bags were left at the hostel and took our lunch for SGD3 per person. There we were able to see a bit of Singapore’s Little India.


Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple along Serangoon Road (Little India)


At the back is the Cental Sikh Temple near the Boon Keng Station

Next, we took the train again at Boon Keng going to Harbourfront to buy tickets at Vivo City Mall for a day tour at the Sentosa Island. We had a glimpse of the waterfront Station where the Universal Studios is located and we also got to see Sentosa Merlion and the Beach station.

The SGD4 one day pass doesn’t include entrance at the universal studios and other attractions.

Going to Sentosa Island!


GoraDExplorer and The Map


Exploring the Waterfront Station. 





Believe you can!


Hello there!



Exploring the Beach Station



Inside the Sentosa train.



The group hopped off next in Chinatown. Known for having strict laws on littering, it is evident even here in Chinese Market where it is crowded. We were wowed by how people are so disciplined in maintaining the country’s cleanliness.

Together, we walked down the side stalls and bought fridge magnets, souvenirs, and we also tried some Chinese street food and fresh fruit juices.


Hello, Chinatown!



Good food at Chinatown.




From Chinatown, we took the blue line going to Bayfront to get a closer look of the Marina Bay Sands.


Excited to see the Marina Bay Sands



Inside the Marina Bay Sands








Wonderfully taken by Jason.

And from there, you can already walk going to the Merlion Park, according to the locals. At first, we tried that and we hinged on the instructions we get from the people.

Eventually, we felt exhausted and noticed that we’re already lost so we decided to take a cab. The funny thing was, when we arrived, we realized that we’re actually very near the park.

Patience is a virtue!


Merlion Park in the afternoon.



Hi, Merlion!



A mandatory selfie with babe.




At the end of the day, we found ourselves at the famous shopping center in Singapore, the Mustafa Centre. After getting our SGD10 refund by returning our tickets at Farrer Park Station, just a bus ride away from the Merlion Park, we immediately went shopping.

Time for some shopping!

Now, back to the Hotel to get our bags and prepare for our bus trip to Kuala Lumpur but to our surprise, all four of us were allowed to shower before leaving even if two of us were not guests and our friends were even beyond their check-out time.

Hotel staff were very nice and accommodating and did not even ask for additional charges. Fresh and fab for our next adventure!

60s hotel is highly recommended by the group which you can book through

This hostel is highly recommended.

Buses to Kuala Lumpur get passengers at Golden Mile Complex. We presented our online ticket at the counter (booked through We left Singapore at 11:30 PM through the Seasons Express bus.

I’m kind of satisfied with what I’ve seen in Singapore for a day. What more if we had the chance to stay for 2 days or more, we could’ve ended up wanting to live there!



Little India, Sentosa, Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands, Merlion Park, Mustafa Center


Expenses 1 SGD = 36 PHP PHP
Sim card 32 SGD / 2 persons = 16 576.00
One day pass 10 360.00
One day pass sentosa 4 144.00
Food 13 468.00
Taxi to Merlion 4 4 SGD /4 persons  = 1 36.00
Taxi to 60s hostel 4 SGD /4 persons  = 1 36.00
Taxi to Golden Mile 8/ 4 persons = 2 72.00
Total 1692.00