We left Kuala Lumpur at 7 AM for our flight to Siem Reap, the home of the famous Angkor Wat Temple.


Touchdown, Siem Reap.


Before this trip, I already booked our rooms in Tan Kimlong Guesthouse and they already arranged a tuktuk driver for our group.  When we arrived at the airport, our very nice and always smiling tuktuk driver, Mr. Chin Lean is ready to welcome us.

You can also search him on Facebook.


Trying to look fresh. LOL



This is Mr. Chin Lean, our Tuktuk driver.


The hotel doesn’t allow early check-in but they allowed us to leave our bags at the reception so we can already proceed with our Angkor Wat tour.


At Tan Kimlong Guesthouse formerly known as Les Parigots Guest House.


I guess you’ve already read in so many blogs that US Dollars is widely accepted in Cambodia and yes, it is true.

Cambodian Riel can be used in small purchases but from our experience, it is more convenient to have USD.

For our breakfast, we stopped at Phana Khmer and this is so far the best food (but also the most expensive) I’ve eaten in the past three days.




Khmer food.




Excited to eat!

I advise that if you’re on a tight budget though, there are canteens and food stalls inside Angkor Wat that sell a variety of cheap but good food.


Some Sandwich that you can buy inside Angkor Wat. Yummy!


Temple passes cost USD 37 unlimited for one day and getting a tour guide is optional. You can just go there, show your ticket and have your pictures taken. But our group decided to get one so we can learn more about the temple. A tour guide costs USD 10.


Angkor Enterprise where you can buy the temple passes.


Angkor Wat Temple pass for one day.


Now let’s do the Angkor Wat temple run!

Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest structure in the world. If you’ve watched Tomb Raider, then you know what I’m talking about.

Our group spent the whole day touring other temples like the Bayon Angkor Thom and watched the sunset at Phnom Bakeng or Bakheng Hill.

Finalyy, we meet, Angkor Wat!


A mandatory solo shot of Ireshbel.



A mandatory solo shot of Joel.



A mandatory couple shot.


According to our guide, Sokkeun, Angkor Wat is the tallest structure in the province and the temple was dedicated to the Hindu God, Vishnu by King Suryavarman.

This is Sokkeun our tour guide.

Sokkeun explaining the history of Angkor Wat


By the way, we met a Cambodian girl who sells fridge magnets in Filipino dialect like “Tatlo isang daan! Eto, apat isang daan”. This girl is so charming so we ended up buying.


My boyfriend can’t say no to this girl.


More of Angkor Wat


Another groupie!


More views.


The breathtaking Angkor Wat stone carvings.


The view from inside the temple

Why so serious?




A short rest from an hour of temple running. Photo taken by Sokkeun




Another view from the inside the temple.


Angkor Wat’s tallest tower.


Look up!


Pretending it’s not too hot here.



This is the way up to the tallest tower of Angkor Wat temple.


Saying good bye to Angkor Wat temple.


Thank you so much, Angkor Wat!





Next is Bayon Angkor Thom.


Thanks Mr. Lean for being so patient.

A lot of elephants on our way to Bayon Angkor Thom.


Bayon temple run starts now.




Look up!



A masterpiece!


Ready for more?


Hello beautiful Bayon!








Feeling like a queen.


More photos in Bayon Temple


Sunset at the Bakeng Hill

We also visited the Bakeng Hill, the famous mountain temple, to watch the famous sunset in Cabodia

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day so we missed it.

Busy setting up for the Time Lapse.



The view of the green Siem Reap.



The sunset is still beautiful despite the clouds.


The night ended with a stroll at Angkor Wat Night Market. We bought souvenirs and had dinner at Siem Reap Food Street.

Food is cheap and is freshly cooked.




Angkor Wat Night Market


Where to eat at the Night Market? I highly recomment Siem Reap Street Food House



Purses that you can buy as pasalubong.



More souvenirs


Then back to the hotel.

Thank you Mr. Lean!



1 USD = 50 php USD PHP
Angkor Wat one day pass 37 37
Hotel 10 USD / 2 5
tuktuk 24 USD / 4 persons 4
Tour guide 10 USD / 4 persons 2.5
food 33.2 33.2
Total expenses 4085.48