We originally booked a first class trip going to Bangkok but according to the lady at the ticket office, there’s a problem with the bus so they upgraded our trip into a VIP Double Decker with no additional costs. Are we not lucky enough? There’s free snacks, free blanket, free dinner and the wifi is so good! This is so far the best commuting experience I had in my whole life. It didn’t feel like a 12-hour ride since everyone had a good and peaceful sleep. The bus was so spacious and the seats felt very comfortable like they were real beds. It was such a wonderful experience.

Inside the VIP bus with free blankets and food.


We reached Bangkok at 6AM. We took a taxi going to the hotel. The locals in Bangkok are not too fluent in English so it is advisable that you have a translation of the hotel address in their local language. Booking thru is very convenient since they have translations in local of the hotels. So we showed the address to the driver and immediately leave the terminal.

We booked at Green House Bangkok along Khao San Road. It is 1-hour away from the airport if it’s traffic and 30 mins if it’s not.

We were allowed to check-in early since the rooms are already available when we arrived. The rooms have 500 Baht deposit which you can get when you check-out.

Our original itinerary is to visit the Grand Palace and shop around Pratanum. But when we started walking along Khao San Road, a taxi driver offered us a back and forth trip to the Floating market for 200 Baht. Since the trip is cheap, we took advantage of it.

When we reached the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, we already know that this is the scam that they are talking about in several blog sites. We were offered 2500 Baht each which covers a tour at the floating market, an elephant tour, crocodile show and a visit to the temple and coconut sugar house. We did not take the offer since we have a very limited budget. The lady asked us how much we can pay so we haggled up to 500 Baht but she insisted on 600 Baht since it will also cover a visit to the temple and the coconut sugar house. So we took it.


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market



This is where we had our lunch.


Ice cream vendor at the floating market


Yum yum!


Enjoying our sea food rice!


Happy kid here.


So happy! Lol

Trying if some haggling will work and it did, My boyfriend was able to get a massage tool for a cheap price.


A beautiful Thai.


We toured the floating market for 3 hours, took our lunch there, visited the temple and the coconut sugar house.


Coconut sugar at Coconut Sugar house!


Someones trying to get a new job.

Some souvernirs that you can buy at the Coconut Sugar house.


Now off to the temple.


Damnoen Saduak Temple




Blessed by the monk.





We were picked up by the taxi at 3pm and reached the city center at 4pm. We didn’t have time to tour Grand Palace anymore and this made me so sad but no regrets at all because our experience at the floating market is also an unforgettable one and one of the unique things about Thailand.

At the Pratanum, we bought souvernirs like keychains, ref magnets, bags, chocolates and candies at a very cheap price but tastes really good. But one thing that I’ve been looking forward to buy in Thailand is the customized passport holder! It is usually sold for 100 Baht per piece plus 10 Baht for the name with accessories. We, however, got ours for 😯 Baht with name and accessory already which we bought at a small store along Pratanum located few walks away from the over pass at the Big C Mall.



Hunting for cheap souvenirs here at Pratanum, Bangkok.


So i gues it’s not only in the Philippines. LOL

We spent the whole night hunting for pasalubongs and had a short walk along Khao San Road.


Tuktuk along Pratanum.


Tuktuks at Khao San Road


Good music at Khao San Road.


I can’t remember why we were laughing so hard. All I know is that’s I’m extremely happy when you’re around.

Our very nice tuktuk driver.


I love us! #hensontravels


The colorful and lively Khao San Road at night


Finally, I can check Thailand off my bucket-list and this is just a start of many more adventures to come.






Hotel 375 baht / 2 = 188 264.00
food 220 310.00
Floating market 1200 BAHT / 2 = 600 840.00
Taxi Service from Hotel to Floating Market to Pratanum 200/ 4 persons = 50 70.00
Grab from Hotel to airport 170 BAHT / 2 = 80 112.00
Tuktuk from Pratanum to Hotel 200 / 2 = 100 140.00
Total expenses 1740.00