Our flight from Siem Reap to Phuket only costs 1012.

One of the many places I’ve wanted to visit is the beautiful Phuket Thailand, specifically the famous Patong Beach and Maya Bay Island where Leonardo De Caprio’s The Beach has been shot.

Touchdown, Phuket!

Upon arrival at the Phuket International Airport, we immediately booked a taxi going to the hotel. There are two options on how to get there, minibus or taxi. We chose to take a taxi which cost 200 Baht per person since it’s more comfortable.

Here’s the taxi ticket.

The ticketing offices outside the airport.


We learned that these taxis are actually under Travel agencies. From the aiport, we were brought to a small office wherein Maya Bay/PhiPhi Island tour packages are offered. We chose a package that covers a speed boat tour inclusive of Maya Bay, Phi Phi, khai island, Pileh Lagoon and the Monkey beach that originally costs P2500 but since my boss and boyfriend have very good haggling skills, we were able to get the package for 1800 BHT per person. This, by the way, includes lunch and transfers from the hotel but since were leaving for Bangkok the next day after our island hopping, the travel agency made special arrangements so instead of a transfer back to the hotel, a separate service will take us to the bus station.



Arriving early at Phuket gave us a chance to rest throughout the day and a short break at the beach to watch the sunset.


Renting a motorcycle is the most convenient way to stroll around Patong. Our hotel, Phunara Residence, offers bike for rent for 200 BHT which can be used for 24 hours but since my boyfriend has a very good haggling skills, we got ours for 150 BHT only. No need for a driver’s license. We just left our ID at the counter then we’re given helmets too.

Our rooms at Phunara Residence, Patong Beach Phuket.

Mountain view.


Strolling around Patong.


Sunset at Patong Beach



Patong Beach!




At night, we had a short walk along Bangla Road where bars and night club are the main attractions. But if you’re not into noisy and crowded place, or just want to relax, you can be in one of those massage parlors around Patong.


Going to Bangla Road.


The alive Bangla Road at night!


Full of energy!


It is also true that some Thais have a hard time speaking English but from our experience here in Phuket, most of the locals that we’ve met speak good English.



The next day, we were picked up by our van from the hotel at 7AM. The travel agency said that we have free breakfast but it’s actually just a free coffee ONLY so it’s still important to bring extra food or take breakfast before you leave the hotel.

We were given orientation on the policies and instructions before we headed for the islands.

You have to register first before you get a boat number.


Orientation ongoing


And… tada!!!! Say hello to the famous Maya Bay Island!


Why I came to Phuket.


Bamboo boats



The views are just breathtaking.



Enjoying the scenery while getting toasted.




We had our buffet lunch at Phi Phi Island. If you’re into vegetables and fruits, good news! The menu includes lots of those. But if you like meat, then you should really bring extra food just in case.

Say hello to Phi-Phi Island!


Blue skies and blue water at Phi-phi Island.


Click click click!

Wow Ireshbel!




There are resorts and hotels at the Island if you plan to stay at Phi-phi Island.


Here is where we had our lunch.


The other group had their lunch here.




Now let’s go to Pileh Lagoon!


Going to Pileh Lagoon!


Other tourists going to Pileh Lagoon!


Ao, Pileh!


Ready for snorkeling.

We enjoyed 30 minutes of snorkeling at Pileh Lagoon.

LOLing to our faces


So happy! LOL


So relaxing!


Here are photos of monkeys spotted at the Monkey Beach.


Residents of the Monkey Beach


Everyone’s busy getting photos.

Birds Nest Cave, Phuket.


And the last in our itinerary is the Khao island, my favorite and most fun. You can feed the fish and enjoy snorkeling. There are free fruits and drinks, you can also order fresh sea foods and the beach is not crowded. The other side of the island is not so rocky so you can swim and enjoy photo ops.


Fish feeding at Khao Island.



Thank you so much Phuket!


We had shower at the port then picked up by our transfer to the terminal at around 5PM.

I already booked our tickets two weeks before our trip thru Our bus company is Phuket Travel Co. Ltd. We easily saw their office at the terminal as it is translated in English too.

We originally booked a first class trip going to Bangkok but according to the lady at the ticket office, there’s a problem with the bus so they upgraded our trip into a VIP Double Decker with no additional costs. Are we not lucky enough? There’s free snacks, free blanket, free dinner and the wifi is so good! This is so far the best commuting experience I had in my whole life. It didn’t feel like a 12-hour ride since everyone had a good and peaceful sleep. The bus was so spacious and the seats felt very comfortable like they were real beds and spacious. It was such a wonderful experience.

Phuket Terminal




Our VIP bus to Bangkok


Inside the VIP bus with free blankets and food.



Thank you so much, Phuket Thailand! Bye for now.


Hotel 600 BHT/ 2 = 300 420.00
food 300 420.00
Rent a motorbike 150 BHT / 2 = 75 105.00
tour (Phiphi island with buffet lunch) 3600 / 2 = 1800 2520.00
Taxi to hotel from airport 800 / 4 person  = 200 280.00
bus to BKK 354 496.00
Total expenses 4241.00