This coming Valentine’s Day, enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved ones here at . I know that you’ve read a lot of blog posts about this place so I think most of you are most likely already familiar with their rates, amenities, etc.

Who does’nt want to live in this jungle forever?

But these are the things that we believe you should really know:

-It’s important that you make a reservation before you go there because even on weekday they are fully booked. We went there as walk-in client and we were lucky that there was one available accomodation for us. We got the GLAMPING WITH A TWIST for 1800 since there’s a 25 percent discount for the month of January. 

-Only the villas have comfort rooms inside. Glamping rooms have common CR and I’m glad the showers and toilets are clean. 

-They accept credit cards but make sure to bring cash just in case there will be a problem with their machine.

-When it’s a Day Tour, it’s strictly from 6am to 6pm only . When it’s a night tour, it’s strictly from 6pm to 6 am only.

-You can bring food with No Corkage Fee but there’s a restaurant inside where the food price ranges from 200-400. You can also request the food to be served in your room.

-We recommend that you stay overnight for a complete experience. It was super relaxing and peaceful despite the amount of clients. It’s also probably because the rooms are distant from each other. 

-Their tent rooms are well ventilated.

-Most of all, they always have promos on their pages.

Glamping With A Twist at night

Please see details below: 

📍Barangay Talacsan, San Rafael Bulacan

☎️: 0995-974-6224 / 0919-295-9899 / 0917-924-4546 / 0920-800-8341 / (02) 668 1372

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